Pain Free Injections for Kids, Diabetics, and Botox.

Makes the unpleasant task of under-going injection procedures painless and comfortable for INFANTS , ADULTS & THE ELDERLY.

CoolSense Ltd. is R&D and manufacturer of revolutionary and smart hand-held pain numbing applicator.
The company established by the inventor, Dr. Shapiro – medical aesthetic expert doctor, as a target of developing alleviates means to medical injections users, especially medical aesthetic doctors.

Pain Free

The innovative CoolSense does away with the pain, stress and fear that are associated with injections, the most common health-care procedure worldwide.

Safe for All Ages

Extensive R&D had produced a revolutionary but simple, non-invasive hand-held device that immediately numbs the site of injections with no after effects.

Fast and Effective

Acts within 3-5 seconds to numb the site for painless injection procedures in clinics, hospitals and home.

Simple to Use

No training required, easy to follow instructions.

Innovative Tech.

Reusable, light and portable. Colour changing thermometer to ensure optimal temperature.

CE Approved

FDA registration number: 3007791584.

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